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CITIZEN OPINION: Why Molly N. Kamukama deserves the 2026 Woman MP seat for Kazo District

By Bunnet Ayorekire

The 2026 electioneering period is on the horizon. If you look hard enough, you can see the plumes of smoke. And in Kazo District, formerly part of Kiruhura, it’s starting to shape up, albeit quietly within the whispers of the citizenry. During the elections, the Woman MP Seat is always heated up. It’s like gasoline meets fire. The last election ended in brawls, ugly chaos, grave bruises, shameful lawlessness, and, worse, a court case.

Today, the seat is occupied by Hon. Jennifer Abaho Rwaburibate Muheesi, wife to the renowned Major General Muheesi. The stiff competition from the previous election saw the other 7 contestants – Hon. Molly Nawe Kamukama, Hon. Hope Mbabazi Kajinja, Hon. Ronah Ruranga, Hon. Anna Ruyondo Lumumba, Hon. Merab Kyamazima, Hon. Leonida Sanyu and Hon. Maureen Karubanga – reluctantly conceal defeat.

However, as time goes by, the three years of the incumbent Woman MP, Jennifer, have been, in the words of some residents of Kazo, wasteful. It’s been a quiet spell. Her incompetence continues to grow by day. And from what I gather from the corridors, most people from Kazo are second-guessing and contemplating on sending her back to the August House come 2026.

Look, with all honesty, whoever wishes Kazo well – its development and transitioning to an ideal model district – would wish for a more suave, vibrant, relatable, experienced, and people-loving representative like Hon. Molly Kamukama.

Molly has been proven at different political arenas. She’s been at the helm of governance and the upper echelons of local politics. She’s in touch with grassroot problems and gels well with, like they say nowadays, ‘muntu wa wansi’. As far as legislation and oversight are concerned, Hon. Molly fits the bill. Her experience speaks volumes. Now, unlike the incumbent who’s largely absent and barely articulate issues concerning the people she represents, Hon. Molly ticks the boxes, literally.

Closer to home, Hon. Molly, is at an advantaged compared to her fierce rival. She is a trusted resident of Kazo who was born in Rwamuranga, but resides in Nyakinombe (still in Kazo) with her partner Mr. Chris Kamukama.

While this tiny bit might be viewed as irrelevant, it’s an important wheel in the cog. Look, we are now headed to the holidays and, as expected, our representatives should come and make merry and mingle with their people. For the incumbent who hails from far-flung Kashari, this might not be possible. She won’t be with the people of Kazo, the way Molly would have been. She’s completely detached.

To quote Napoleon Bonaparte, “The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of the bad people but the silence of the good people.” We are therefore not ready to witness ‘Kazonians’ suffer once more, by being subsequently hoodwinked by inept leaders, who can’t showcase their capabilities, but rather resort to personal vendetta against those who have the zeal to serve Kazo.

Hon. Molly Kamukama stands for service delivery which is at the core of what people of Kazo want. She has proven capabilities to fundraise and deliver projects, fuel growth, development, and prosperity of Kazo. This is a known fact.

As I conclude my missive, I’m a concerned independent resident of the mighty Kazo. I wish my people the best. I wish to see development sprout out in the area. I wish to see transformation. I wish to see mass skilling of our people (especially women). I wish to see infrastructural developments. I wish to see women and youth empowerment. And the only person who can deliver us to the proverbial promised land is Hon. Molly Kamukama.

May God bless Kazo. Happy holidays!

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