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Ugandan chef, Mama D, attempts to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest solo cooking

What do you see when you get there?

There’s a bevy of teardrop banners mounted on the roadside, swaying gently to the winds of marketing. That’s what you first see when you get to Zoe’s Cakes ‘n’ Bites, Kira, where Mama D, Dorcus Bashema Kirabo, is cooking a world record. The place teems of a lot of activities.

Music blares to interesting decibels. A pleasant whiff of food welcomes your nostrils. There’s someone you know. No. There’s a myriad of familiar faces. Social media residents. Influencers lugging their phones, capturing every moment. Photographers looking for the best angles. Revelers watching on. Hungry Ugandans looking for the next free meal. Party goers who are here to quench their thirst. Eagle-eyed media fishing for a story. And the usual folk who don’t know what’s happening. It’s all good. They are all here for Mama D.

And there she is – Mama D – crammed in her steamy kitchen, clad in her usual branded attire. She is wearing the biggest smile in the world. A smile of a go-getter. A smile of a world record chaser. A smile of ‘I’ve got this.’ A smile that’s feeding masses, one meal at a time.

She’s a couple of meals and hours into the cooking and she’s not about to bang gas. At least from what you see. She’s getting started, her eyes set on the proverbial prize, one onion at a time. The longest cooking marathon (individual) is currently at 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds. It was achieved by Irish chef, Alan Fisher, taking over from Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, who cooked for 93 hours and 11 minutes.

Mama D started cooking on 23rd December 2023 and is targeting about 121 hours of cooking, spreading across a period of 5 days. By press time, she had already racked in 70 hours, and still going strong. Thankfully, a couple of well-wishers have shown her overpowering support to fuel her drive. And that’s what she needs really – your support.

Do you want to support her? Simply go to Zoe’s Cakes ‘n’ Bites, Kira, and fill her dishes with money, food stuffs, vibes, and, while at it, eat some kimere.

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