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Roy Tumwizere: The marketer making moves through dance

I used to be a good dancer (well, I thought I was). Back in school, before age crept in, I used to hit the dance floor and leave everyone talking or admiring (or both). Few years ago, I saw a one Roy dance on stage (at Blankets & Wine) and I decided to hang my dancing shoes. I couldn’t keep up. He was too good. Now I dance through words.

Roy is more than just a dancer. He’s an entertainer. He’s born to entertain. Born for the lights and cameras and action and glamour. Born for the stage. A people-person with an infectious smile, and firm legs that haven’t been crippled by age.

I sat with him. Meet Roy.

So, who’s Roy? Give us a brief background about yourself.

I am Roy of Trroy Studios. Full name is Roy Ronald Tumwizere. I’m an accountant, cum marketer and most recently a dancer. Always been the guy that enjoys music and dances wherever I go. I’m the guy that’s always on the dancefloor. I’m a lover of dance and anything related to dance. I founded a space called Trroy Studios that doubles as a dance studio for all and a hub for dancers going pro.

Dancing, is that your 8-5 job? If not, what’s your main grind?

I am part of the team at House of DJs who organizes the highly attended premium event – Blankets and Wine. I am also part of their digital arm called House of Digital, where I work with creative young minds that are changing the way digital is done to offer value, uniqueness, and creativity.

Good moves. Why the dancing though?

This has always been my passion from my younger days. I always took part in the school music and dance competitions and, I believe, I stood out because of the love and passion I added to the performances. I went to Namasagali College and that’s where it was packaged even better for me to know that dancing is part of my life. I will keep dancing.

Before Namasagali College, how did it all start?

I remember vividly back in primary school watching a group of P.6-7 students rehearse traditional dances after school and feeling extra “jealous” because I was in a lower class (P3). I couldn’t mix levels. I faithfully hid behind some trees at the school and watched them daily till I was moved to a different school for P.4 (Lohana Academy). I immediately picked interest in dancing. They even made me the first and I believe the last music prefect till I left in P.7.

Is there a moment that introduced you on the dancing scene?

I can’t point to a specific moment, but my family tells me of how I always invited friends and strangers into the house to put on a show for them. So, we always had guests. My mum was sure I was going to be a Public Relations personnel but well, here we are.

About Trroy Studios. What major milestones have you hit so far?

I’m always inspired by the number of people who come to the studios to dance. People from the corporate world, down to the youth. Seeing them express themselves through dance always warms my heart. I can’t thank MoTIV enough through the leadership of CK Japeth who made it all happen.

What’s your next move. Any future plans?

I believe we will turn into a performing arts academy. We already have an audio rehearsal and recording studio on top of the dance studio. I also want to influence in those spaces to help artists turn their passion into profit. Next year, we shall focus on upskill performing artists to showcase their talent professionally, and at a global level.

Besides dancing, what occupies your free time?

Marketing. I love seeing brands win. So, I spend time consulting in the marketing space.

Some people are bad dancers. Can it be reversed at your studios?

I do not believe there are bad dancers. Dance is more than just the feet and the hands moving. Dance is a language that can be spoken in many ways. So, if motion can be created, you can dance. Even being offbeat is still dance movement just to a different rhythm from the one being played. Everyone can dance.

Do you have a favourite music genre for dancing?

I prefer Afro; anything Afro – from Ugandan traditional dances, Dombolo from Congo, to Nigerian moves, down to Amapiano in South Africa. I like Afro blends/ fusion in form of contemporary dance. But I like anything dance to be honest. I just love rhythmic (or not) body movement that shares an expression in form of joy, sadness, or basic storytelling.

Dancing your way to the bank. How’s dancing as a business?

There’s a lot to unpack here that I am still learning. Most dancers do not feel they are paid right, and I agree with them. But we also need to create and package the product well for people to be willing to pay handsomely for it. There’s a lot of potential but we need guidance on what the business arm of dance looks like. I hope to work with those already making steps in this direction and share with every dancer that cares to listen. That is really the mandate that Trroy Studios wants to live by.

Your last dance?

For whatever reason you love/ loved dance, continue dancing. Other than it being a good option to exercise, it also keeps you younger and relieves stress. My happy place is the dance floor. Let’s be happy together. Come groove with us at Trroy Studios.

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