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TotalEnergies EP Uganda renews its commitment to diversity & inclusion in new strategic partnership

TotalEnergies EP Uganda and Light for the World (LftW), have signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote equal, inclusive, and diverse employment for all qualified persons and to eliminate discrimination against Persons with Disabilities.

Under the MoU, LftW a global disability inclusion and development organization, will support TotalEnergies EP Uganda to streamline internal disability inclusion frameworks, improve access of Persons with disabilities to various employment opportunities and deliver bespoke disability awareness trainings to the Company employees.

The MoU is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDG) theme ‘Leave no one behind,’ as well as SDG 8 ‘Reduced inequality’ and 10 ‘Decent work and economic growth’. Through the implementation of the MoU activities, TotalEnergies EP Uganda seeks to amplify one of its key diversity actions ‘the recognition of abilities’.

Speaking at the signing of the MoU, Mr. Phillipe GROUEIX, General Manager, TotalEnergies EP Uganda, said, “Including and supporting employees with disabilities is an integral part of our diversity policy. As we grow our activities in Uganda, we are ensuring that our commitment to diversity is implemented as it draws on our intrinsic values of Respect for Each Other and Standing Together.”

“With this partnership, we hope to demonstrate our concrete actions towards ensuring that our Company is all-inclusive, respects the rights of persons with disabilities, develops and implements non-discriminatory policies and practices, makes the Company premises and tools accessible, undertakes appropriate measures to enable job retention, and respects
confidentiality of personal information regarding disability,” he added.

The Country Director, LftW Silvester Kasozi noted, “Promoting disability inclusion within the extractives’ sector isn’t just a matter of diversity; it’s an imperative for progress and doing what is right. By embracing the unique talent and perspectives of individuals with disabilities, we unlock innovation, drive efficiency, and build a more resilient industry. I believe that our expertise as an organisation in disability inclusion and development, coupled with TotalEnergies EP Uganda’s goal to create a more accessible, diverse, and vibrant work environment, clearly demonstrate that leaving no one behind is not just jargon, but a commitment that drives sustainable business practices and societal development.”

TotalEnergies is a signatory of the International Labour Organization’s Disability Charter and a member of its global network that works to improve disability inclusion policies and practices.

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