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Andrew Kyamagero lands a juicy PostBank Uganda deal

Popular TV personality and social media kingpin, Andrew Kyamagero, has landed a juicy deal with PostBank Uganda. The controversial yet interesting character will now look forward to microwaved meals after his wallet got a bumpy love.

When we tried to reach out to his known phones and physical address at Kampala Serena Hotel, it all proved futile.

A close pal to Kyamagero, who wished to stay anonymous, revealed that during their catchup with other friends over the weekend, Kyamagero hinted that if the bank approached him for an opportunity, he would be glad to be part of the team that is fostering prosperity for Ugandans and as an advocate of “Omuntu Wawansi”, which is his Twitter username, he would wish to witness Ugandans Grow and Prosper.

We are keeping tabs on him, watching over his socials with one eye, and our snoops will keep digging until we unearth what his next move is.

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