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Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda takes distribution to the next level

A network of Official Coca-Cola Distributors (OCCDs) is helping to ensure that Coca-Cola products reach Ugandans efficiently in every corner of the country.

As a Fast Moving Consumer Goods manufacturer, Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda (CCBU) has innovated to create a system that helps it to consistently deliver quality products to consumers across the five geographical territories of Kampala, Central, North, East and South.

“We understand that our success is linked to the success of our customers. That’s why we’ve established a robust OCCD system, ensuring efficient distribution and exceptional customer service throughout Uganda,” said Melkamu Abebe the General Manger at CCBU, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa.

According to Micheal Kaziro the Route-To -Market specialist at CCBU, the foundation of the OCCD system begins with a meticulous selection process in which individuals with ambition to excel and resources such as trucks, warehouses, mobile phones, and a dedicated workforce are verified and appointed to become OCCDs.

Once appointed, CCBU’s user-friendly online system tracks sales, maintains detailed records and empowers OCCDs to plan deliveries with precision. They use the same system to access real-time data for customer details and to track the status of customer orders, including information on products that are out of stock.

“The system also has a call list of all OCCDs’ deliveries in specific areas. This eases their product dispatch process and enables them to talk to customers at all times during the distribution process,” Kaziro says.

The system’s capabilities go beyond record-keeping. It facilitates daily performance tracking, allowing the sales and marketing team to identify areas where OCCDs might require additional support. The data-driven approach ensures challenges are addressed swiftly, keeping the distribution network running smoothly.

In some areas, providing coolers is crucial to maintain optimal beverage temperature. CCBU actively supports OCCDs by providing coolers to customers, to ensure retailers can offer refreshingly cold drinks throughout the day, which boosts their sales.

“CCBU has distributed over 47,000 coolers countrywide and continues to distribute more coolers on a regular basis. This is one of a number of initiatives to help our OCCDs sell more,” Kaziro says.

CCBU’s sales team undergoes rigorous training in stock management, customer service and product knowledge. This expertise is transferred to OCCDs, empowering them to provide exceptional service to customers who make CCBU’s quality products available to consumers.

Research conducted by CCBU is also used to assist OCCDs to increase sales and ensure they have all the tools they need to stay competitive, through customised promotions for specific areas.

“By optimising our network,” says Kaziro, “we aim to achieve greater efficiency, boost sales volumes and ensure exceptional customer service throughout Uganda.”

With the OCCD system in place, CCBU is not just about delivering beverages. It’s about empowering local businesses and contributing to the success of countless Ugandans. With continued investment in technology, training and network optimisation, CCBU and its OCCD partners are poised for a future of shared opportunities.

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