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Kazo Woman MP, Jennifer Muheesi, ranked among worst performing MPs

Kazo Woman MP, Jennifer Abaho Muheesi

By Bunnet Ayorekire

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, Members of Parliament are mandated to serve a 5-year-term which is an ample period for legislators to showcase their capabilities before their constituents regarding their roles and deliverables. If not, the members face scrutiny from the public or impeachment if push comes to shove.

It’s almost three years since the last elections were conducted, and the ‘wanainchi’ casted their vote in respect to their leaders at diverse levels. However, some positions like MP tend to attract profound scrutiny, which is done subsequently in reference to the legislators’ performance.

The recent survey conducted by The New Vision’s Hansard Rankings and published on Saturday, 1st of June, 2024, the Kazo Woman MP, Hon. Jennifer Muheesi’s performance left many people from Kazo wondering if they voted for a competent representative or not, for her performance scores are as low as 1, ranking her at position no. 541 amidst the 585 legislators at Uganda’s Parliament. This simply highlights that Jennifer Muheesi only tried to legislate at Parliament once between June, 2023 up to April 2024.

Contrary to Ms. Muheesi’s performance, her male counterpart, Hon. Dan Atwijukire Kimosho’s scores were remarkably at 69. Among the MPs from western Uganda, Hon. Dan Kimosho became second following Hon. Wilson Twinomugisha Kajwengye of Nyabushozi county who scored 191— making him the 3rd best performing MP.

The survey list was headed by the Kakumiro Woman MP, Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah, who overwhelmingly scored 292 placing her in no. 1 position. Among the list of the worst performers is: Alice Kaboyo, Kahinda Otafiire, Jeje Odongo, to mention but just a few.


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