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Feffe Bussi’s ‘Hip-Hop Ku Nalubaale’ concert triumphs at Jahazi Pier

Feffe Bussi, clad in white, performing at his Hip-Hop Ku Nalubaale concert

Feffe Bussi, the self-proclaimed smallest rapper, defied all expectations with his maiden concert ‘Hip-Hop Ku Nalubaale,’ presented by Club Music and held at the scenic Jahazi Pier on the shores of Lake Victoria. The event, organized by Kibbo Entertainment and Angry Management, was a sold-out success, displaying the rapper’s enduring relevance and undeniable star power.

Bobi Wine, together with Nubian Li, were also in attendance

A Night to Remember

Feffe Bussi, born Frank Mukiza, celebrated his 11-year musical journey with an unforgettable performance that left the audience in awe. His entrance was nothing short of spectacular, as he arrived by boat accompanied by a flotilla of smaller vessels, greeted by a dazzling fireworks display. Clad in a regal costume complete with a crown, Feffe kicked off the evening with hits like “Kaako,” “Romantic,” “Baagala (Feffe),” and many more.

The success of ‘Hip-Hop Ku Nalubaale’ was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Club Pilsener. Known for its unwavering support of local artists and the Ugandan music scene, Club Pilsener has long been a champion of the arts as part of its commitment to giving back to its consumers and the entertainment industry at large.

The concert was powered by Club Pilsener

“Club Pilsener’s involvement in local music is about more than just sponsorship; it’s about nurturing talent and giving artists a platform to shine,” said a representative from Club Pilsener. “We’re proud to support Feffe Bussi and other local talents as they make their mark on the industry.”

The concert featured a blend of Feffe Bussi’s solo performances and collaborative acts with top Ugandan artists. Highlights included:

Collaborations: Feffe performed “Amaaso” with Vinka, Winnie Nwagi, and rapper The Mith; “Empole” with Lydia Jazmine; and “Romeo and Juliet” with Pallaso.

Guest Appearances: Mozelo Kids, Rickman, Kapeke, Fik Gaza, Zex Bilangilangi, Green Daddy, Azawi, King Saha, Dax Vybz, Red Banton, Big Eye, Mr. Mosh, Vyper Ranking, Fresh Kid, Yung Mulo, and many more graced the stage.

Upcoming Talent: Earlier performances by budding artists such as Kid Dee, Fixon Magna, Ava Peace, Nandor Love, Jowie Landa, JPC, Elly Govana, Kimxeler, and Pretty Banks set the tone for the night.

The concert displayed the vibrant local music scene and the energy of Ugandan revelers. Feffe Bussi’s dynamic performance and the enthusiastic response from the audience highlighted the rapper’s significant impact on the Ugandan music industry.

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