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Molly Kamukama’s efforts towards empowering youths in Kazo  

Molly Kamukama handing over goats to youths in Kazo

By Bunnet Ayorekire.

The former State Minister for Economic Monitoring and PPS to the President, Hon. Molly N. Kamukama, in company of Kazo District youths’ leaders, was witnessed flagging off 36 goats to Burunga (Kazo) sub county youths as one way to enhance the livelihood of the unemployed youths that are village based.

This was the second launch cycle since the commencement of the project, following the debut one which occured last year. On clarification, a total no of 459 goats have already been earmarked and will be distributed, too—where each parish committee is expected to receive 9 goats in response to the 51 parishes in the entire Kazo district. As it’s positively speculated, the caretakers on behalf of the parish will make sure there’s patent redistribution to other youths, once these goats give birth for the comprehensive betterment of others. Apparently, this is a fulfilment of the pledges Hon. Molly personally made on Kazo District Youths’ Day, last year.

Regrettably though, the delays were uncontrollably caused by the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak that sabotaged the process; lest, this unheard of conduct would have been accomplished by the end of 2023. Generously, Hon. Kamukama’s target is upon wealth creation at family level, especially to young people who don’t have formal employment and are village based. She termed this as ‘Embibo’; implying it’s a seed meant for sowing in anticipation of healthy blossoming and production. Kazo youths are thus informed that each Sub county will be given a special day to flag off those goats, respectively.

Hon. Molly and fellow counterparts were grateful to the youths leaders for their sincere, benevolent and unwavering cooperation showcased at diverse levels. Bunnet Ayorekire.

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