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Ako Ka Smile Ka Pepsodent: Unilever’s Pepsodent launches campaign for World Oral Health Day 2024

Unilever Uganda Managing Director, Antony Esyalai hands over a Unilever hamper to Mengo Hospital’s Executive Director, Dr. Simon Peter Nsingo.

Earlier today, people on X (formerly Twitter) woke up to a conversation about foul mouth smell from renowned comedian and radio presenter, Emeka Collins. He had talked about his pal who had bad breath yesterday and the unforgiving residents of the platform almost jumped his bones. He literally took their breath away with some people brushing off the stunt. His ranting, after a few hours, morphed into the campaign ‘Ako Ka Smile Ka Pepsodent’ by Pepsodent.

Pepsodent, a leading oral care brand by Unilever, has launched its “Ako Ka Smile Ka Pepsodent” campaign in celebration of World Oral Health Day 2024. Aligned with this year’s theme, “A Happy Mouth is a Happy Body,” Pepsodent is dedicated to promoting oral health and bringing smiles to Uganda.

As part of the campaign, Pepsodent has organized initiatives to improve oral health awareness and accessibility to dental care services. This includes free dental clinics nationwide, offering check-ups, consultations, and basic treatments throughout the month. Additionally, Pepsodent will distribute 60,000 units of free toothpaste bundled with Unilever products in supermarkets and retail stores nationwide.

Antony Esyalai, Managing Director at Unilever Uganda, expressed enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “We are proud to contribute to improving oral hygiene practices and promoting smiles across Uganda. Our mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their oral health and experience the confidence that comes with a healthy smile.”

Kabugo Emmanuel, Category Development Manager at Unilever Uganda emphasized the brand’s commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. “Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, we aim to create lasting impact and foster positive change in oral health behaviors within our communities.”

The campaign was launched at Mengo Hospital where Pepsodent installed a toothpaste dispenser to provide patients with free Pepsodent over the next three months. They also provided free dental checks for over 150 people at the facility and subsidised tooth extractions and fillings.

“Mengo Hospital was started 126 years ago and we offer quality services that are affordable. I thank Unilever Uganda, through Pepsodent because your contributions in providing free and subsidised dental services have gone a long way in ensuring we meet our mandate,” said Mengo Hospital’s Executive Director, Dr Simon Peter Nsingo.

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