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5050 Ugandan board game, where you have 50 seconds to save your legacy

It’s his turn. He’s scared. He mumbles a few words, shoots up hurriedly and takes two quick steps at the back. One hand is holding the card, the other is on his scalp. He swallows hard. You could easily see veins bite his neck. He hesitates a bit, studying the card the way you would your laboratory results. He bites his lower lip and takes a deep breathe. All eyes are on him. Like he’s Tupac. It’s his chance to save his legacy and his lineage. There’s no turning back at this point. There’s no excuse.

“Start,” Damalie, the referee, instructs him.

He carefully pores through the card, like a wild animal hunting for an easy prey. He prays. Everything on the card looks easy. But it’s hard when the card is in your hands with your teammates waiting for you to describe while your opponents are waiting for you to fail. It’s war up here. He’s breathing heavily, like he’s sprinted across the field. He sweats. No, he doesn’t. But he’s almost sweating. He stares away shyly, thinking, remembering the right words to use. His memory bin is empty. His bundles are depleted.

The time is ticking.

He turns the card the way you would to section B, hoping for a saviour. Hoping for an easier question. But it’s the same story. The words stare back at him defiantly. He slaps his head. This is his fourth time. Curse words escape his lips. He points a finger at a colour on the table. But you’re not allowed to use gestures. He’s cooked. He looks at his teammates. They look resigned. He grins in shame and turns the card again. He still can’t describe anything. His teammates scream at him. His opponents slap their knees in hysterical laughter. The timekeeper, Damalie, looks at the timer. The waitress stares in horror. Time up.

He scores zero.

This is the new Ugandan board game called 5050. Everything is purely Ugandan. All you have to do is pick a card, describe the words on the card in 50 seconds and move around the board with your teammates. It’s informative, engaging, but most importantly, fun. Do you have a party? A casual meet-up? End of year shindig? An office break? The 5050 board game will fuel your fun. If you want to buy a board, simply visit the 5050 Ugandan Board game on Instagram and DM them.

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