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Uganda Breweries Limited launches WhiteCap Crisp, a light beer on the market

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has introduced WhiteCap Crisp, a premium beer boasting only 3% alcohol by volume (ABV) and containing no added sugar. This addition makes WhiteCap Crisp the first low-alcohol beer by ABV in the Ugandan market.

The unveiling event took place at the Naguru Skyz Hotel featuring an exclusive white and blue-themed affair attended by individuals from Kampala’s social scene. The 300ml sleek bottle and an impressive matching 330ml sleek can were unveiled.

WhiteCap Crisp, crafted from all-natural ingredients, caters to consumers seeking a light beer option while maintaining a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The launch event addressed the evolving trends in consumer preferences, with Catherine Ndungu, UBL’s acting Marketing and Innovations Director, stating, “There is a growing interest and greater scrutiny in wellness and fitness amongst customers.”

Ndungu highlighted the changing consumer landscape, emphasizing the need for brands to align with evolving wellness priorities. WhiteCap Crisp is positioned as an innovative response to these changing trends, catering to the demands of consumers seeking lighter alternatives for social experiences.

“We are a business that has a strong track record of listening to our consumers and leveraging our strength in innovation to deliver products that suit their needs. WhiteCap Crisp is the latest in this long line of product solutions,” Ndungu explained.

The launch event featured an exclusive guest list, including popular content creators, events, and marketing professionals, along with high-net-worth individuals. Entertainment was provided by Myko Ouma and his Band, complemented by timeless music mixes from Selector Jay.

Francis Nyende, UBL’s Lead Innovations Manager, highlighted the unique qualities of WhiteCap Crisp, stating, “Despite being low in alcohol and made from all-natural ingredients, this product is crisp and full of flavour for the consumer seeking to excite their palate.”

WhiteCap Crisp is available in both bottles and cans and can be found at selected restaurants and supermarkets within Kampala.

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