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Fuuka Don: Housing Finance Bank launches a salary loan campaign to boost home ownership and financial independence

The start of the year comes with a long list of dreams and grand financial plans. To achieve them, you need a trusted financial partner. And Housing Finance Bank is here to walk that journey with you. The bank has launched a salary loan campaign dubbed ‘Fuuka Don’. This is your chance to be a don – a homeowner, a business mogul, etc. The campaign aims to provide mortgage loans exceeding shs400 million to Ugandans keen on addressing the country’s housing deficit. Michael Mugabi, the Managing Director of Housing Finance Bank, shared details of this initiative. He emphasized the role the “Fuuka Don” campaign in fostering financial sustainability during challenging economic times.

“The campaign focuses on responsible lending as part of our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), aiming to empower individuals to realize their dream of home ownership.” He added.

He furthermore highlighted that technology and customer experience are central to the campaign’s success, signaling the bank’s commitment to leveraging modern tools for a seamless lending process.

The use of technology is expected to enhance accessibility and streamline the loan application process for prospective homeowners.

John Baptist Kaweesi, Head of Mortgage and Consumer Banking at Housing Finance Bank, echoed Mugabi’s sentiments on prioritizing customer experience.

“Our approach centers on utilizing technology to enhance the customer journey, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient process for obtaining salary loans under the Fuuka Don,” he stated.

To apply for the Housing Finance Bank salary loan, visit any of HFB branches or call 0800 211 082 and begin the journey to achieving your financial independence.

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