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The Stoneridge school: A new stepping stone for your child’s education

I’ve lived in Kira, Wakiso district, for dog years, which simply means I have seen this place grow. I’ve been there from its infancy. It’s grown to a big conurbation. Big malls are being erected at every corner. Supermarkets are inches apart. Fancy eateries are littered everywhere. It’s an impressive development. A large urban sprawl.

But growth comes with its biting troubles. And Kira has got sacks of them. Over the past years, there’s been a great trek of young corporate folks seeking shelter around Kira, Mulawa, and Bulindo areas. Thousands of them. Rent won’t break your neck. This simply means traffic is insane. No, insane is a fair word. Traffic is hell. Add our bad roads in the equation and you will have a cocktail of modern dilemma.

Parents wake up at the first light to drive their kids to faraway places for school. In the morning, when the world is opening its eyes, you drive past parents with puffy eyes and half-asleep toddlers, yawning, in traffic going to study alphabets. Parents in their Japanese metals queuing up, bumper to bumper, hurling insults at other road users, trying to get to their kids’ school many kilometres away.

Thankfully, this is changing.

The Stoneridge School is here to change that. To ease that burden. You don’t have to sit in traffic to drop your child in the next district. It’s located in Nsasa, off Bulindo Road. Do you want to give your child the best start in life? Do you want to give your child global education standards? Do you want to equip your child with life skills? The Stoneridge School is the answer. Listen, I was invited to their expansive facility. I was utterly shocked by its mere presence; beautiful, lush, with all the necessary facilities a child needs in place.

The Stoneridge School provides an academic environment that permits learning, play, and the holistic growth of your child. Plus, the most important bit being, it’s fully registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports. It’s also deeply rooted in the Christian faith which simply means your child is in safe hands. The school supports a generation of learners and future leaders that can imagine, innovate, and inspire. I loved this for them because, globally, school has changed. It’s no longer a place for simply learning books, but rather equipping kids with knowledge and skills to survive in a dynamic world.

Admissions for 2024 are currently open. You can walk into the school and get firsthand information. Alternatively, shoot them an email on or call +256-770-855-765.

Fees structure.

Admission/registration fee250,000/=
P1 to P41,600,000/=
P5 to P71,700,000/=
School uniform250,000/=
Transport shuttleOptional

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