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Jangu: Maurice Kirya’s concert set for this Friday

You’d think he’s off the charts, then before you know it, he shocks you with a single. An album. And now, a concert. He’s as consistent as he’s talented. Consistent with being low-key, lighting misubbawa in the shadows, cooking behind doors, away from the watchful eyeballs of industry critics. But insanely talented when he gets to serve what he’s been cooking.

The renowned crooner will have his highly anticipated Kirya Live 2023 this Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel. Whether you’re from Busabala or Entebbe, come witness unmatched musical extravaganza. He has an impressive discography which he’s built over the years.

From albums like Misubbawa, The Book of Kirya, Mwooyo, Beyond Myself, The Road of Kirya, his ravenous ardent fans will be spoilt for choice come this Friday. In typical Maurice Kirya fashion, he has a surprise for his fans. Well, it’s no longer a surprise per se, but he’ll be releasing and performing his new song ‘Sirinatime’. You still have time though.

So, grab a boda boda, or your passport, and hit the road to Kirya at Kampala Serena Hotel. Entrance is only UGX200,000 and the table goes for only UGX3,000,000.

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