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Uganda Telecom rebrands to UTel

Uganda Telecom, now known as UTel, has unveiled its fresh new identity as a subsidiary of the Uganda Telecommunications Corporation Limited (UTCL), under the ownership of the Ugandan Government. This rebranding comes with a vibrant logo and a captivating slogan: “Your network, our pride.”

UTel proudly boasts an extensive fixed-line network, making it the largest ISP in Uganda, with a primary focus on serving government entities. However, there’s a twist – the company still operates on a 3G network. In a world where 4G and even 5G networks are gaining prominence, this might seem a bit outdated. Competitors like MTN and Airtel are embracing advanced features like eSIMs, allowing users to have a SIM card-free experience.

During the official UTel launch, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, the Ugandan Minister for ICT and National Guidance, stressed the importance of collaborating with the Uganda Communications Commission. Their joint aim is to propel the national telecom carrier beyond the limitations of 3G, reflecting the evolving landscape of communication technologies.

Yet, UTel’s journey doesn’t conclude there. With the rapid evolution of mobile money services, UTel needs to swiftly adapt. Seamlessly facilitating transactions across various platforms and ensuring widespread accessibility will be key to their success.

Moreover, major players in the telecom industry now offer non-expiring deals for voice calls and internet bundles, challenging UTel to step up its game and present a competitive response.

As UTel embarks on this transformation, the road ahead involves embracing cutting-edge technology and strategies to elevate its network, services, and offerings to meet the ever-evolving demands of Uganda’s telecommunications landscape.

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