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August 18, 2023
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August 21, 2023

The word is now out there

Advertising copywriter, Nimusiima Edward

Finally, we’re here.

Take a seat. Now, for a longtime, my friends and I have been dancing with this idea of starting a platform where we can tell stories our own way. Stories about our people. Stories around us. Untold stories. Long stories. Short stories. Stories that shape narratives. Stories that make us giggle. Stories that change policies. Stories that pin big suits. Stories that showcase our talents. Stories that celebrate our wins. Stories that push commerce. Interesting stories.

So, we decided to bring bricks together and build The Word. We’ll meet here every day, a cup of porridge in one hand, binyebwa in the other, and spread the word about what’s happening around the world. We’ll work in concert with different stakeholders (storytellers) to tell our stories the best way we can.

This is a platform where we’ll gather and spread the hubbub of politics, the numbers of business, the suits of opinion leaders, the art of lifestyle, the buzzwords of technology, the patterns of climate change, the scores of sports and so much more.

You’re invited to this fireplace. Pull a stool and tell us what’s on your mind. The door will always be open for you. Do you have an opinion about politics? Business? Infrastructure? Lifestyle? Travel? Sports? Health? Technology? This is your place to cut that word.

So, let’s get the word out there. Shall we?

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